What a day!

It’s been a busy day. This week has been a weird week because of the tsunami in Pangandaran and the earthquake in Jakarta. Frankly, I didn’t feel the earthquake. I was busy teaching piano and I just didn’t feel it. My friend called me while I was walking to my car and asked me whether we would still going to the movie. We would go to the movie in the evening. I was surprised when he told me that there had been an earthquake just then. On the way home I listened to the radio and they were broadcasting about the quake. In evening, my friend and I had dinner instead of  going to the movie.

The earthquake was scarry for someone who never felt a quake, like me. It just made me thinking about the end of the world. It’s coming indeed but we’ll never know when. The only thing we can do is by doing the right thing like the 5 wise girls. Be prepared!


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